Results Lyric of Tommy Lee Continues Feud With Son Brandon I Paid 130000 For His Rehab Songs

  1. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Bad Gyal Duppy
  2. All Time Low
    Bad Enough For You
  3. Chet Baker
    But Not for Me
  4. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Darkness Rise (Alkaline Diss)
  5. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Heaven Cry
  6. P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family
    Bad Boy For Life
  7. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Push A Foot If Uno Bad
  8. Tina Turner
    Cose Della Vita (with Eros Ramazotti)
  9. Chris Brown
    Nothing But Love For You
  10. 3teeth
    Pit of Fire
  11. Benny Ibarra
    Si puedo volverte a ver
  12. Ann Lee
    Baby It’s Cold Outside (Lee Ann Womack with Harry Connick, Jr.)
  13. P. Diddy
    Bad Boy For Life
  14. Brandon Boyd
    Courage And Control
  15. Tommy Lee Sparta
  16. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Destruction Of Man
  17. Brandon Boyd
    Runaway Train
  18. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Soul Reaper
  19. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Militancy (Diamonds)
  20. Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra
    I’ll Be Walking With My Honey
  21. Kate Tempest
    Bad Place For A Good Time
  22. Bob Dylan
    I’ll Keep It With Mine
  23. Louis Prima
    Heap Big Smoke But No Fire
  24. George Strait
    She’ll Leave You With A Smile
  25. Soundtrack
    Three Little Birds – (with Sean Paul/Ziggy Marley)
  26. Flobots
    Fight With Tools
  27. Ella Fitzgerald
    But Not for Me
  28. Pink Floyd
    Fat Old Sun
  29. Brandon Boyd
    Here Comes Everyone
  30. Brandon Boyd
    Last Night A Passenger
  31. La Oreja De Van Gogh
    La mia vita senza di te
  32. Butch Walker
    Bed On Fire
  33. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Savage Life
  34. Lindsay Lohan
    Beautiful Life (la Bella Vita)
  35. Tommy Lee Sparta
    Spartan Party
  36. Lacrim
    Tout le monde veut des lovés
  37. Al Bano
    E’ La Mia Vita
  38. Glenn Miller
    Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)
  39. Corrosion Of Conformity
    Vote With A Bullet
  40. Na Ying
    三生三世十里桃花 (電影《三生三世十里桃花》同名主題曲) San Shi San Shi Li Tao Hua (film “San Shi San Shi Li Peach” the same name theme song)
  41. Thalia
    Con La Duda Duet With Joan Sebastian
  42. RedFoo
    I’ll Award You With My Body
  43. Ligabue
    Questa È La Mia Vita
  44. Lil Wayne
    Put on for the Game
  45. Brandon Boyd
    The Wild Trapeze
  46. Brandon Boyd
    A Night Without Cars
  47. Puff Daddy
    Bad Boy for Life
  48. Dance Gavin Dance
    The Robot with Human Hair pt. 4
  49. Judy Garland
    But Not For Me
  50. Lee Wiley
    But Not for Me