Results Lyric of R Kelly Slapped With Lawsuit Over Damaged Rental Property Songs

  1. Kellie Coffey
    Outside Looking In (Kellie Coffey with Lonestar’s Richie McDonald)
  2. How To Dress Well
    Lost Youth / Lost You
  3. Snow Patrol
    Last Ever Lone Gunman
  4. Billie Holiday
  5. Ella Fitzgerald
    My Last Affair
  6. Howlin’ Wolf
    My Last Affair
  7. Now and on Earth
    Lust Over Loyalty
  8. Through The Eyes Of The Dead
    With Eyes Ever Turned Inward
  9. Lynn Castle
    Rose Colored Corner with Last Friday’s Fire
  10. Lynn Castle
    The Lady Barber with Last Friday’s Fire
  11. Romare
    My Last Affair
  12. Architects
    Left with a Last Minute
  13. The Meters
    This Is My Last Affair
  14. Billie Holiday
    My Last Affair
  15. Folly
    The Last I Ever We Wrote
  16. Tim Culpepper
    Gettin’ On With Gettin’ Over You
  17. Helen Humes
    Blame It on My Last Affair
  18. Red Garland
    My Last Affair
  19. R. Kelly
    The Storm Is Over Now
  20. Kellie Pickler
    One Last Time
  21. Reckless Kelly
    Crazy Eddies’ Last Hurrah
  22. Kelly Clarkson
    My Last Broken Heart
  23. Claude Kelly
    Stay With U
  24. Kellie Pickler
    Tough All Over
  25. R. Kelly
    Be With You
  26. Over The Rhine
    Snowed In With You
  27. Kelly Clarkson
    The Last Day Of The Year
  28. R. Kelly
    Dancing With A Rich Man
  29. Paradise Lost
    Over the Madness
  30. Over The Rhine
    Happy With Myself?
  31. Kelly Clarkson
    At Last
  32. Kelly Price
    At Least
  33. Kelly Price
    At Least (little Things)
  34. Kelly Lee Owens
  35. Over It
  36. Adam Levine
    Lost Stars
  37. Sam Smith
    Stay With Me
  38. Lost Frequencies
    Are You With Me
  39. Lost Tapes
    Lost in Youth
  40. Lost Frequencies
  41. Kelly Clarkson
    All I Ever Wanted
  42. Ariana Grande
    One Last Time
  43. Fiona Apple
    Container (The Affair Opening Credits)
  44. Taylor Swift
    You Belong With Me
  45. Big Sean
    I Don’t Fuck With You
  46. Kelly Clarkson
  47. Sleeping With Sirens
    With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear
  48. Wynton Kelly
    Gone With the Wind
  49. Judy Garland
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  50. Jesus Culture with Martin Smith
    Walk With Me