Results Lyric of Paul Mccartney Takes James Corden On Carpool Karaoke Tour Of Liverpool Songs

  1. Tower Of Power
    Sparkling in the Sand
  2. Paul McCartney
    Medley: ( Hold Me Tight, Lazy Dynamite, Hands Of Love, Power Cut)
  3. Troy Ave
    On My Birthday
  4. Tower Of Power
    Come on With It
  5. Tower Of Power
    Flash in the Pan
  6. Tower Of Power
    Get Your Feet Back on the Ground
  7. James Booker
    On the Sunny Side of the Street
  8. Tower Of Power
    It Takes Two (To Make It Happen)
  9. Circle Takes The Square
    In The Nervous Light Of Sunday
  10. Tower Of Power
    Skating on Thin Ice
  11. Paul McCartney
    You give me power to get out of bed
  12. Troy Ave
    Nightmare On Fed Street
  13. Tower Of Power
    Get Yo’ Feet Back on the Ground
  14. Troy Ave
    Man In The Mirror
  15. Tower Of Power
    In Due Time
  16. Paul McCartney
    Come On To Me
  17. Trey Ivey
    I’ve Got That Old Time Religion in My Heart
  18. Monty Python
    Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  19. Paul McCartney
    Back in The Ussr
  20. Paul McCartney
    Run Devil Run by Paul McCartney
  21. Troy Ave
    She Belongs To The Game
  22. Paul McCartney
    Ram On
  23. Ramón Ayala
    Un Puño De Tierra
  24. Paul McCartney
    On My Way to Work
  25. Paul McCartney
    Dear Boy
  26. Paul McCartney
    If I Were Not Upon The Stage
  27. Tower Of Power
    Don’t Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)
  28. Troy Ave
    I Ain’t Mad At Cha
  29. Paul McCartney
    Venus and Mars/Rock Show
  30. Paul McCartney
    The Glory Of Love
  31. Paul McCartney
    The Christmas Song Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
  32. Being As An Ocean
    This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me
  33. Paul McCartney
    Maybe I’m Amazed
  34. Paul McCartney
    Summer Of ’59
  35. Paul McCartney
    Love Song to the Earth
  36. Paul McCartney
    Cafe on The Left Bank
  37. Paul McCartney
    For No One
  38. Paul McCartney & Wings
    4th Of July
  39. Paul McCartney
    The Fool on The Hill
  40. Sons Of Liberty
    Tree of Liberty
  41. Paul McCartney
    Get Me Out Of Here
  42. Paul McCartney
    Back Seat of My Car
  43. Dubliners
    The Leaving Of Liverpool
  44. Tower Of Power
    Just When We Start Makin’ It
  45. Paul McCartney
    Live And Let Die
  46. Tower Of Power
    It Takes Two
  47. Paul McCartney
    Uncle Albert/admiral Halsey
  48. Paul McCartney
    A Day In The Life
  49. Paul McCartney
    Ain’t No Sunshine
    Bharat Ane Nenu (The Song Of Bharat)