Results Lyric of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom And Riverdale Dominate Teen Choice Awards Songs

  1. End of the World
    Sleeping Beauty (End of the World x EPIK HIGH)
  2. Hank Snow
    He’ll Understand And Say Well Done
  3. Ferlin Husky
    He’ll Understand and Say Well Done
  4. Relient K
    Forget And Not Slow Down
  5. Tanya Donelly
    The End to the Dawn
  6. Janis Joplin
    Ball and Chain Break Down
  7. Tanita Tikaram
    World Outside Your Window
  8. Dusty Springfield
    I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
  9. Grouplove
    Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten
  10. Cobra Starship
    Prostitution Is The World’s Oldest Profession (and I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)
  11. The Sleepy Jackson
    I Understand What You Want But I Just Don’t Agree
  12. Carnivore
    World Wars Iii And Iv
  13. Oasis
    Wont Let You Down
  14. Herbie Hancock
    And What If I Don’t
  15. Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders
    Get Up I Want To Get Down
  16. Marc Almond
    I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
  17. Momus
    I Want You, But I Don’t Need You
  18. Dubliners
    Building Up And Tearing England Down
  19. Toby Keith
    Pick ‘Em Up And Lay ‘Em Down
  20. Johnny Cash
    He’ll Understand And Say Well Done (Album Version)
  21. Johnny Cash
    He’ll Understand And Say Well Done
  22. Mitchell Joni
    Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (ludwig’s Tune)
  23. The American Analog Set
    We’re Computerizing and We Just Don’t Need You Anymore
  24. Stryper
    The World of You and I
  25. Chills
    Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn
  26. Twiztid
    The Deep End with Dominic & Caskey
  27. OK Go
    I Wonu2019t Let You Down
  28. Bratmobile
    And I Live in a Town Where the Boys…
  29. McLusky
    The World Loves Us And Is Our Bitch
  30. Chely Wright
    Feelin’ Single And Seein’ Double
  31. Michael Giacchino
    Welcome To Jurassic World
  32. Simple Minds
    The Needle And The Damage Done
  33. Patent Pending
    Old And Out Of Tune
  34. Rudimentary Peni
    We’re Gonna Destroy Life The World Gets Higher And Higher
  35. Tom T. Hall
    World The Way I Want It
  36. Lancaster
    If The World Were To End
  37. Ernest Tubb
    He’ll Understand And Say Well Done
  38. Tikaram Tanita
    World Outside Your Window
  39. Pendragon
    Fallen Dreams and Angels
  40. Million Dead
    One More Power Chord And The System’s Done For
  41. Burns Out Bright
    The World Is Going To Hell, We Don’t Have A Record Deal And I’ve Never Been Happier In My Life
  42. The Body
    World of Hope and No Pain
  43. Eric Clapton
    The Needle And The Damage Done
  44. Michael Giacchino
    As the Jurassic World Turns
  45. Johnny Cash
    If the Godd Lord’s Willing (And the Creeks Don’t Rise)
  46. Paul Young
    I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
  47. Moreland & Arbuckle
    Why’d She Have to Go (And Let Me Down)?
  48. Crystal Eyes
    World Of Silver And Black
  49. Transllusion
    Do You Want to Get Down?
  50. Michael Giacchino
    It’s a Small Jurassic World