Results Lyric of Janet Jackson Teams Up With Daddy Yankee For New Song Songs

  1. Dave Matthews Band
    Crazy-Free (New Song #1)
  2. Family
    Old Songs for New Songs
  3. Janet Jackson
    Spending Time With You
  4. Daddy Yankee
    Fuera De Control
  5. New Song
    It’s Not Far
  6. Daddy Yankee
    Ella no quiere enamorarse (Remix)
  7. Janet Jackson
    Pops Up
  8. Daddy Yankee
    A Que No Te Atreves (Remix)
  9. Janet Jackson
    All For You
  10. Daddy Yankee
    Gata Gangster – Daddy Yankee
  11. Janet Jackson
    No Sleep
  12. Daddy Yankee
    El Ritmo No Perdona
  13. Daddy Yankee
    No Me Dejes Solo
  14. Daddy Yankee
  15. Daddy Yankee
    Gasolina (Eng And Spa Version)
  16. Janet Jackson
    No Sleeep
  17. Janet Jackson
    What Have You Done For Me Lately
  18. Janet Jackson
    Rock With You
  19. Sleeping With Sirens
    Free Now
  20. Janet Jackson
    Let Me Know
  21. Daddy Yankee
    La Despedida
  22. Daddy Yankee
    All The Way Up
  23. Janet Jackson
    Made For Now
  24. Daddy Yankee
  25. Janet Jackson
    Whoops Now
  26. Daddy Yankee
    El Ritmo No Perdona (Prende)
  27. Daddy Yankee
    Sígueme y te sigo
  28. Daddy Yankee
    No Es Culpa Mia
  29. New Song
    For the Glory of Christ
  30. Daddy Yankee
    Shaky Shaky
  31. Daddy Yankee
    Come With Me
  32. Daddy Yankee
    En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera
  33. Daddy Yankee
    Who’s Your Daddy?
  34. Daddy Yankee
    Dura (Remix)
  35. Janet Jackson
    Where Are You Now?
  36. Janet Jackson
    Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)
  37. Daddy Yankee
  38. P!nk
    For Now
  39. Daddy Yankee
    King Daddy
  40. Daddy Yankee
  41. Janet Jackson
    Are You Still Up
  42. Janet Jackson
    Rock With U
  43. The Fray
    Enough For Now
  44. Janet Jackson
    The Best Things in Life Are Free
  45. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
    Rise Up With Fists!!!
  46. Janet Jackson
  47. Daddy Yankee
    Que Tengo Que Hacer
  48. Janet Jackson
    No Sleeep (Remix)
  49. Old Dominion
    Break Up With Him
  50. Daddy Yankee