Results Lyric of Foo Fighters Biffy Clyro And Enter Shikari Win At Kerrang Awards Songs

  1. Foo Fighters
    The Colour And The Shape
  2. Enter Shikari
    An Ode to Lost Jigsaw Pieces
  3. Nina Simone
    I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl
  4. Jaimee Paul
    I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
  5. Allison Moorer
    I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
  6. Soundtrack Artists
    Put Some Sugar On It
  7. Isabel Rose
    I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
  8. Foo Fighters
    The Feast and the Famine
  9. Enya
    And Winter Came
  10. Enya
    Trains And Winter Rains
  11. Adam and Andrew
    Nerds In Love
  12. Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors
    When It’s All Said and Done
  13. Biffy Clyro
    …and With The Scissorkick Is Victorious
  14. Bobo In White Wooden Houses
    Ever The Wind (3:36)
  15. Westlife
    Beautiful In White
  16. Biffy Clyro
    And With The Scissorkick Is Victorious
  17. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
    Cecilia and the Satellite
  18. …and Oceans
    Silhouette: In White Rooms: Vacant Bodies
  19. Wanda Jackson
    Walk On Out Of My Mind
  20. Andrew Bird
    Yawn At The Apocalypse
  21. Rolf Zuckowski und seine Freunde
    Wenn ich krank bin
  22. Rolf und seine Freunde
    Wenn Ich Krank Bin
  23. Foo Fighters
    Ain’t It The Life
  24. Foo Fighters
    Let It Die
  25. Enter Shikari
    Stand Your Ground – This Is Ancient Land: Enter Shikari
  26. Foo Fighters
    White Limo
  27. Zac Efron
    Bet On It
  28. Widow
    And We Are One
  29. Foo Fighters
    The Pretender
  30. Kool and The Gang
    Get Down On It
  31. Neil Young and Bluenote Cafe
    Ain’t It the Truth
  32. Tasha Cobbs
    Put a Praise On It
  33. Foo Fighters
    In the Clear
  34. Biffy Clyro
    Wolves of Winter
  35. Paramore
    Ain’t It Fun
  36. Etta James
    Sugar on the Floor
  37. Foo Fighters
  38. Foo Fighters
    Skin And Bones
  39. Foo Fighters
    Times Like These (One-Way Motorway)
  40. Foo Fighters
    What Did I Do?/God as My Witness
  41. Motionless In White
    Ghost In The Mirror
  42. Foo Fighters
    Best Of You
  43. Foo Fighters
    Concrete And Gold
  44. James Bay
    If You Ever Want To Be In Love
  45. Foo Fighters
  46. Enter Shikari
    The One True Colour
  47. Frnkiero and the Cellabration
    She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party, And She Can Prove It with a Solid Right Hook
  48. Biffy Clyro
    Friends and Enemies
  49. Foo Fighters
    In Your Honor
  50. Foo Fighters