Results Lyric of Ed Sheerans Manager Delighted War On Touts Is Getting Results Songs

  1. Mott The Hoople
    You Are One of Us
  2. Andy M. Stewart
    The Exile Of Erin / Air: I Mo Sheasamh Ar An Tra (As I Stand On The Beach)
  3. Avalon
    They Are In Between Us
  4. Ned Doheny
    A Love of Your Own
  5. Ice Nine Kills
    Build Your Own Disaster
  6. Wire
    One of Us
  7. The Undisputed Truth
    You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
  8. Israel & New Breed
    It’s Not Over (When God Is In It)
  9. One Day as a Lion
    One Day As A Lion
  10. Amanda Seyfried
    One of Us
  11. Miley Cyrus
    Party In The USA
  12. Falling In Reverse
    The Drug In Me Is You
  13. The War On Drugs
    Red Eyes
  14. The War On Drugs
    An Ocean In Between The Waves
  15. The War On Drugs
    Holding On
  16. Pitbull
    We Are One (Ole Ola)
  17. The War On Drugs
    In Chains
  18. Akon
    Nobody Wanna See Us Together
  19. The War On Drugs
    Lost In The Dream
  20. The War On Drugs
    In Reverse
  21. T-ara
    We Were In Love
  22. Taylor Swift
    You Are In Love
  23. Demi Lovato
    Made In The USA
  24. Pitbull
    We Are One
    Not One Of Us
  26. The War On Drugs
    Knocked Down
  27. Keren Ann
    You Were On Fire
    We Are One
  29. The War On Drugs
    It’s Your Destiny
  30. ABBA
    One of Us
  31. Fleetwood Mac
    Go Your Own Way
  32. Joan Osborne
    One Of Us
  33. Joan Osborne
    What If God Was One Of Us
  34. James Bay
    When We Were On Fire
  35. Yoko Ono
    Walking on Thin Ice
  36. Refused
    War On the Palaces
  37. Wiz Khalifa
    Get It On Your Own
  38. Frank Iero and the Patience
    The Resurrectionist, or an Existential Crisis in C#
  39. The War On Drugs
    Your Love is Calling My Name
  40. Ian Brown
    Home Is Where The Heart Is
  41. Father John Misty
    Bored in the USA
  42. Mama Cass
    Make Your Own Kind Of Music
  43. The War On Drugs
    A Needle In Your Eye #16
  44. MisterWives
    Our Own House
  45. The War On Drugs
    Thinking Of A Place
  46. Iron & Wine
    Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me
  47. In Flames
    Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone
  48. The War On Drugs
    Under The Pressure
  49. Be Your Own Pet
    Twisted Nerve
  50. Stuck in Your Radio
    Our Own People