Results Lyric of Drake Cardi B Lead American Music Awards Nominations Songs

  1. American Music Club
    How Many Six Packs Does It Take To Screw In A Light
  2. American Music Club
    Electric Light
  3. Shannon
    Let The Music Play
  4. Jordin Sparks
    S.O.S (Let The Music Play)
  5. Barry White
    Let The Music Play
  6. Inna
    Don’t Let The Music Die
  7. RuPaul
    Let the Music Play
  8. Violent Femmes
    American Music
  9. Bebo Norman
    Great Light of the World
  10. Good Charlotte
    Let The Music Play
  11. RBD
    Let The Music Play
  12. Joe Perry Project
    Let The Music Do The Talking
  13. American Music Club
    It’s Your Birthday
  14. American Music Club
    Why Won’t You Stay?
  15. Cappella
    U Got 2 Let The Music
  16. The Drifters
    Let The Music Play
  17. Backstreet Boys
    Let The Music Heal Your Soul
  18. American Music Club
    Western Sky
  19. Dave Matthews Band
    Hunger For The Great Light
  20. G. Love
    Let the Music Play
  21. BTS (방탄소년단)
    Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
  22. Barry White
    Let the Music Play [Funkstar’s Club Deluxe Mix]
  23. American Music Club
  24. Razah
    Let The Music Play
  25. Cherry Poppin Daddies
    I Love American Music
  26. The Blasters
    American Music
  27. Barry White
    Let the Music Play [M+M Throwback Mix]
  28. Johnny Winter
    Let The Music Play
  29. ABBA
    I Let The Music Speak
  30. The Beloved
    Let The Music Take You
  31. American Music Club
    I Broke My Promise
  32. Burt Bacharach
    Let the Music Play
  33. Axe
    Let The Music Come Back
  34. Shannon
    Let The Music Play (Remix)
  35. Aerosmith
    Let The Music Do The Talking
  36. Chris August
    Let The Music Play
  37. Aaron Carter
    Let The Music Heal Your Soul
  38. Marc Broussard
    Let the Music Get Down In Your Soul
  39. The Blasters
    American Music (LP Version)
  40. Pointer Sisters
    American Music
  41. American Music Club
    Pale Skinny Girl
  42. American Music Club
    Will You Find Me?
  43. American Music Club
    Gratitude Walks
  44. Diana Ross & The Supremes
    Let the Music Play
  45. American Music Club
    Royal Cafe
  46. Kool and The Gang
    Let The Music Take Your Mind
  47. Robert Earl Keen
    Let The Music Play
  48. American Music Club
    I’ve Been a Mess
  49. American Music Club
    What Holds The World Together
  50. American Music Club
    Apology for an Accident