Results Lyric of Cher Gets Uncomfortable Watching Personal Life Portrayed In Stage Show Songs

  1. Kristen Bell
    Love Is An Open Door
  2. Meat Loaf
    I’d Do Anything For Love (but I Won’t Do That)
  3. 2Pac
    Life Goes On
  4. Mocca
    I Love You Anyway
  5. Sketchy Bongo
    Love Me In the Dark
  6. Steve Aoki
    I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki)
  7. Nina
    Love moves in mysterious ways
  8. Meat Loaf
    I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) (Longer Still But Not As Long As The)
  9. LeAnn Rimes
    Life Goes On
  10. Ween
    I’m Dancing In The Show Tonight
  11. Haircut 100
    Love Plus One
  12. John Mayer
    You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me
  13. Steve Wynn
    Love Me Anyway
  14. Sidewalk Prophets
    You Love Me Anyway
  15. Pat Boone
    Love Letters in the Sand
  16. Patty Smyth
    Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough
  17. The Kelly Family
    Fell In Love With An Alien
  18. The Collingsworth Family
    I Love Living in Love With Jesus
  19. Julian Smith
    Never Get Naked In Your Shower
  20. Drag On
    Life Goes On
  21. Saigon Kick
    Love Is On The Way
  22. Lil Baby
    Life Goes On
  23. Fergie
    Life Goes On
  24. Jhene
    Gonna Love You Anyway
  25. MIKA
    Love You When I’m Drunk
  26. Patti Smith
    Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough
  27. Live
    Life Marches On
  28. Jim Croce
    I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
  29. DeBarge
    Love Me In A Special Way
  30. Bleeding Through
    Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
  31. Ginny Blackmore
    Love Me Anyway
  32. McFly
    Love Is On The Radio
  33. Six Pence None The Richer
    Love Letters in The Sand
  34. Paul Stanley
    Live To Win
  35. Van Halen
    Love Walks In
  36. Thunder
    Love Walked In
  37. Plies
    Cryin In The Shower
  38. Stephen Stills
    Love the One You’re With
  39. James Blake
    Love Me In Whatever Way
  40. Jim Brickman
    The Love I Found In You
  41. Poison
    Life Goes On
  42. 11th Hour
    When God Shows Up
  43. Gerard Joling
    Love Is In Your Eyes
  44. Jack in the Pulpit
    Life goes on
  45. John Mayer
    Good Love Is On The Way
  46. Jonas Brothers
    One Man Show
  47. Don Henley
    Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough
  48. Madonna
    Living For Love (Carry On)
  49. Bob Marley & The Wailers
    No Woman, No Cry (Live at the Lyceum Show)
  50. Kashmir
    Mom In Love, Dad In Space