Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

This a little limerick for something
That don’t exist called love and passion
Coming to gether with action
I’m never hesitating with my words and my
Thoughts blasting through these
Doors just to show them what I got, got my
Hand motoin into the sky you got your hands
Grabbing on too another lie take easy baby
You never forget where your from swollow your
Pride because everyone thinks that they is number
1 some people can only love some people can only
Hate some people deviant in the back of the face
It will take of the strenght of an army loaded with guns
And all it takes is an army of 1

Now what yor telling me is this let me get it correct
Cause I’m a step up in this motherfucker dripping
With sweat I know a glimpse is better then never seeing at all
I know what do you expect when the leaves start to fall

When your running all alone down the middle of the road when I’m watching from the corner wishing, wishing I could go but I, go on get out of here get the hell out of dodge you got something to get go on and get it all

She kept on walking and she never ever looked back
You know eveybody in town knew that
She gonna take off and gonna be a star
When there’s nothing left she’s gonna
Jump out of your car

This is the motion in the ocean and it’s overflowing
This is the motion in the ocean and it’s overflowing
I got to keep it up keep on going don’t stop expressing
Myself out to the public got to make hurdle over people to see
Me and my shiny gold and my shine white teeth eventualy enchanted
To the newly crowned king they follow my with pictures of myself
They just ripped out of magazines no time for autographs I got places to be gotta race around the world until there’s nothing to she like a helicopter spinning rotors floating in the sky your free girl go on and give it a try


See your asking what I got with a pocket full of holes when were the exact opposite but we keep blowing smoke so tell me why you insist on waisting my fucking time keep o searching round here for something you aint gonna find
So lets take a step back remove the mask and ask is this the way we gonna live a keep on stepping over cracks I know you try so hard to be whatyou wanna be but it aint that so go baby go goe that



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