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Is this the beginning of the end for the freight forwarder Lyric

In this age of "digitalisation" and "disruption" of the shipping and freight industry, is it the beginning of the end for the freight forwarder..
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NVOCC or Freight Forwarder – Shipping and Freight … Lyric

Difference between a freight forwarder and NVOCC. A Freight Forwarder is someone who undertakes to handle the movement of goods from point to point on behalf of the
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Tips for 3PL / Freight Forwarder salespeople (and complaints) Lyric

Lately it seems to have been an ongoing feature of what I call “Annoying and/or Idiot Sales Person of the Week” syndrome here at work, only it’s been almos
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Need Freight or a Freight Carrier? – Expedite Loads Lyric

Need Freight or a Freight Carrier? Every day, millions of pounds of freight are picked up and delivered to destinations all across the US and Canada.
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RedBerry Freight Software Lyric

RedBerry Software ™ provides software solutions for International and Domestic Freight Forwarders. Conceived in 1979 in the UK, RedBerry Software has become an
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