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5 Important Thing to Consider Before Accepting a Job … Lyric

For every job offer, you must also consider whether the compensation offered is fair and appealing. It’s not just about the numbers on your pay check, it’s about your quality of life and feeling valued as an employee.
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China Employment Contracts: Ten Things To Consider | China Lyric

Following in the footsteps of our recent post Forming a China WFOE: Ten Things To Consider, I present to you: China Employment Contracts: Ten Things to Consider. Here goes, the top ten things you should consider when employing anyone in China. Term of employment. China’s employment system is a
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Questions To Ask Before You Accept New Job – Business Insider Lyric

Here are 12 questions you should always ask yourself before accepting a new job: 1. Does this employer or job align with my personal values? Does this employer or job align with my personal values?
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5 Things to Ask for Before Relocating for a New Job … Lyric

Moving is a pain. Even if you’re doing it for the job of your dreams. You’ll have to get new a driver’s license, switch off the old utilities, switch on the new, sleuth a new doctor, find a new place, sell or sublet your current one—oh, and deal with the physical acts of actually packing, moving, and unpacking.
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China Employment Contracts — Ten Things to Consider Lyric

Dan Harris at China Law Blog posted an email from Steve Dickenson; the post is called “China Employment Contracts. Ten Things To Consider.” [Side-point: I think that “Hero Protagonist” in my “AmPharm” case study consulted Steve about his si…
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